Alcohol Rehab Facilities Kentucky

Making The Best Of Alcohol Rehab Facilities In Kentucky

To boost the chances of your son’s rehab success at the lowest possible cost, it is not advisable to just select any of the alcohol rehab facilities in Kentucky at random. You have to put a lot of factors into consideration. Some of the tips to apply while choosing from the alcohol rehab facilities in Kentucky have been outlined right below.

Is payment through insurance accepted?

Although a lot of health insurance policies do not cover treatment of alcohol addiction, some do. So, there is nothing wrong in finding out if your son’s insurance policy covers his treatment.

If you are lucky to find out that his policy covers it, your next step should be to find out which of the alcohol rehab facilities in Kentucky accept payment through insurance. Even if the insurance provider will not foot the whole bill, it will save you part of the cost. So, you should check him into a facility that accepts insurance.

Avoid centers that offer general programs

Apart from the fact that treatment of drug addiction should be different from alcohol addiction, every patient’s degree of addiction is unique. So, avoid any center that already has a set of programs for all addiction patients.

The right thing is to assess your son to understand the type and intensity of his alcohol addiction before prescribing solutions. Secondly, the intensity of addiction should also determine the length of the program. In a nutshell, individualized treatments are much more effective than general treatments so that is what you should look out for in a center.

Availability of a large number of staff

Every addiction patient should be given so much attention. So, you must consider the staff-to-patient ratio in a center. This will give you the idea of the amount of attention your son or ward will get. At most five patients can be attached to a staff.

24-hour surveillance

Addiction patients often have serious anxiety, depression and mood swings that can push them to take sudden terrible action. So, they should all be monitored 24 hours a day. On this note, surveillance cameras should be installed in strategic locations within the center. You should ask if there are surveillance cameras installed. In fact, you can drive your point home by asking if there are enough facilities to prevent murder and suicide. This is the biggest reason addiction patients should be constantly monitored.

How homely is the center?

Of course, patients are there for a purpose and there should be programs for each day. However, the center should also be homelike. When all the hours of the day are spent on pre-determined activities, the home factor has been removed. It will be counter-productive.

Patients should be given at least 4 hours to themselves apart from their sleeping hours (11pm -6am). The hours could be together or they can be split in between programs. The catch is to make the center look and feel like a home.

In conclusion, although the requirements outlined above will boost the chances of the success of every rehab program, you still need to top it off with your love and support for your son(the patient), before rehab, during rehab and after rehab.