Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Kentucky

Everything You Need To Know About Binge Eating Disorder Treatment In Kentucky

Overeating is a problem, but when you overeat as a result of a disorder and not just a habit, then you need help. Binge eating disorder is overeating, not out of choice but because you cannot control yourself. A variety of things causes binge eating disorder. It could be biological that is due to gene mutation, it could be caused by some psychological problems like depression, or it could be caused by past events like rape or social media influence.

Before discussing the treatment options for binge eating disorder, it is good to describe the symptoms of this syndrome. Some people who suffer from bad eating habits may easily blame it on the syndrome. If you want to know if you need treatment for an eating disorder, here are some symptoms you should look out for:

If you observe the symptoms listed above, you need help. You can get to a treatment center to get good medical advice. Treatment of binge eating disorders can take different approaches or a combination of different approaches.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in Kentucky


This is the part of the treatment process where the professional tries to change the thinking pattern of the patient. There are, however, three main types of therapy:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This involves talking to the therapist and working towards transforming your thoughts. This helps you to pick up healthy habits and drop bad ones.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This involves increasing your ability to control your emotions. The therapist helps to equip you with techniques to adequately control and manage your emotions.

Interpersonal Therapy

This helps to assess your relationship with others and how it impacts on your eating habits. On evaluation, it gives the therapist an overview of how your social life has influenced you.


Various medications can help to manage binge eating. It is safer, however, to consult a medical practitioner specialized in binge eating disorder treatment in Kentucky. The FDA has approved Lisdexamfetamine for the treatment of binge eating disorder. This drug helps to reduce the number of times you feel the urge to eat. It has some side effects, ranging from dry mouth to increased heart rate. It is also associated with many other risks. Topiramate can be used in the management of binge eating disorder in Kentucky, but it has a range of side effects. The best thing to do is to get to a treatment center and consult a professional who will decide the best medication for you according to your needs.

Binge eating disorder is a problem in Kentucky. The rate of its spread is on the increase, and most people think it is just overeating. If you've been overeating, it is essential that you meet a professional in treating binge eating disorder treatment in Kentucky for proper diagnosis and treatment.