Binge Eating Rehab Georgia

How to Choose a Binge Eating Rehab in Georgia: 

If you or someone you care about is dealing with binge-eating, you may feel that there are numerous obstacles to finding help that will lead to recovery. Binge-eating and the underlying causes which contribute to it can be a challenge to diagnose, but once an accurate diagnosis has been achieved, treatment can begin, and can prove to be effective in finding life-long recovery. Focus Recovery Centers recognizes compulsive over-eating, or binge-eating, as an eating disorder that may require intensive treatment, just as would bulimia or anorexia nervosa. 

Binge-eating is noted by the following signs and symptoms: Exhibiting episodes of binge-eating large quantities of food, secretive eating, weight gain, an obsession with the scale or with weighing oneself, an inability to maintain a healthy weight without binging, decrease in self-esteem, mood swings, self-loathing, a feeling of hopelessness, and possibly other symptoms.

In spite of mainstream thinking, weight isn't really a sign that one is experiencing an eating disorder. A person dealing with a binge-eating issue is similarly prone to be of ordinary weight. Likewise with bulimia nervosa, there are frequently no physical signs or side effects that the person is dealing with a binge-eating disorder. For this reason, it’s recommended that if you suspect someone you love is battling binge-eating, you should look for the signs or symptoms mentioned above. You’ll find a complete list of these symptoms when you visit Focus Recovery Centers online and click their ‘Eating Disorder FAQ’ link.

Habitually over-indulging produces emotional, mental and physiological reactions that can significantly reduce the level of happiness and satisfaction that a person experiences with their life. At the point when the binge-eating is taking place, it can bring about euphoric sensations and provide a profound sense of relief from everyday stresses they may be dealing with. Scientists have discovered that it is an anomaly of endorphin metabolism in the mind of habitual eaters that triggers this release from anxiety. The side effects are short lived and very quickly turn to self-loathing and feelings of complete hopelessness.

Focus Treatment Centers is not only the most reputable binge-eating rehab in Georgia, it is known for helping patients find life-long recovery from their eating disorders. Residential treatment is customized to the patients needs and can last from 1 month to one year, depending on numerous factors. If you’re currently struggling with binge-eating or know someone who is, you can schedule a consultation with the admissions team at FTC when you call 800-675-2041. Getting help can lead to a brighter future with a healthy outlook on eating and weight management.

FTC offers comprehensive, compassionate and affordable treatment in a beautiful facility that is much more than just another binge-eating rehab in Georgia. Specialized programs for the treatment of eating disorders are custom-designed to meet each patient’s needs. Verify your insurance benefits with Focus Treatment Centers when you call or get connected over the website. You’ll never regret making the call.