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10 Tips for not overeating this holiday season.

10 Tips for not overeating this holiday season.

The holidays are a notoriously difficult time for food and body image. Today we asked our clinical director, Dr. Gail Gnade, and our dietitian, Addie Bramlett, for their top ten tips for not overeating this holiday season. 

  1. High expectations and holiday stressors can lead to difficult emotions and self-soothing through food. Have support systems in place where you can talk about your difficult feelings.

  2. Remember to take care of your basic needs such as getting plenty of sleep, fluids, regular meals, and exercise.

  3. If the holiday celebrations are in the evening, DON’T skip your meals earlier in the day, and DON’T restrict the rest of the day to compensate for the food you’ve consumed

  4. Notice your pace. Slow down. Practice placing your fork down in between bites

  5. Serve yourself so you are in control of your own portions. There is always more food. Get seconds, and even thirds, if you feel truly hungry.

  6. Be mindful of snacking and munching while preparing a meal. It is difficult to keep track with how much you are eating when multitasking.

  7. When reaching for that second piece of dessert, take a moment and check in with what you are feeling. Are you stressed? Are you sad? Are you hungry for more? And if so, more what? Connection? Laughter? Tukey? If you are still physically hungry, go for that second helping.

  8. Eat your meals being fully present in the moment using all of your five sense.

  9. Eating mindfully does not necessarily mean that you eat what you want when you want. Instead, finding the balance between what you want to eat verses what you need to eat. Plan your meals and snacks with intention so you can be sure you are giving your body the balance and variety of nutrients that it needs.

  10. If you do overeat practice self-compassion by talking to yourself the way you would speak to your best friend. Don’t let your guilt take away from the experience if you enjoyed your meal.