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A New Year's Journey

A New Year's Journey

One year ago today I embarked on a journey.  
At the time, I had a vague idea of the destination
but didn’t know if I could reach it.

The first step was the most difficult thing I’d faced. 
It was New Year’s Day and I’d celebrated a lot the night before.

It was so cold that day, not just outdoors, but inside my heart. 
I felt empty and alone.

All these years I’d been in denial, fooling myself,
my family, and my friends, but I knew it had to end.
That day was the beginning of my journey.

This was unlike any journey I’d ever been on.
You didn’t take some modern day form of transportation.
You took the greater part of this journey in your mind. 

A journey that would challenge you at every turn.
A journey that was dead end after dead end.
A journey where you just wanted to give up. 

You see, I had an addiction to alcohol.
But I was committed to this journey and as distant as the destination seemed at times
I was determined to complete it.

Well, I’m proud to say I completed the first leg
of this journey just sixteen short days ago.

On January first, 2017 I celebrated one-year
of being clean and sober. 

I know in my heart, I have miles to go.
For this is a lifelong journey but life
gets better with every step.

And, as I continue my journey, 
My hope is that others join me along the way.