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A Poem: For Someone In Mind

A Poem: For Someone In Mind

A beautiful poem written by an alumni:

Sometimes life doesn’t go our way
But that doesn’t mean that we cannot stay

It’s hard to reach out, to ask for a hand
Because from our perspective, nobody really understands

What we go through when we’re stuck in the ditch
And our meaning to life has become but a glitch

We weren't meant to stay this long
When the others have found theirs, we still lack our song

The lies are convincing when they tell us to leave
The truth is behind the door, but we cannot believe

That opening ourselves to what they say
Will make anything better, or make us want to stay

I cannot tell you why I opened that door
I cannot explain why I found the strength to look for more

It comes to a point, where it’s do or die
Where you have to let go of that soul-crushing cry

Let the cry fill the silence, let your tears keep you warm
You’re braver than before now, you’ll weather the storm

Just one last try; just give it your all
Because if you don’t succeed, you have no room left to fall

When I tell you a tomorrow will be better than today
You may not believe me, or any “truth” that I may say

So until you do, I will be here to hold you hand
I will be by your side, through it all, so that you too can understand

There will be a tomorrow that is better than today
There will be a tomorrow where you actually want to stay

There will be a tomorrow where you will no longer fear
And until you find that tomorrow, I promise I’ll be here.

Poem via Recovering Dreams Blog