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Declare Your Independence

Declare Your Independence

July 4th… Independence Day!

A special day honoring the founding of our country. Kids and
adults alike, dressed in red, white and blue. Our flag proudly
displayed on front porches across America. Families gather
in cities and towns to celebrate with parades and backyard
cookouts. A tremendous sense of pride and patriotism fill
the hearts of every American. Spectacular fireworks displays
draw “Oooos” and “Ahhhs” from the crowd. And with all of this, 
comes the chance to party. And party we do.

One gets lost in the euphoria, the sense of freedom one feels on
this special day. Everyone seems to let their hair down. Loose their
inhibitions, making the temptations of addiction even stronger.
It’s like this is a free pass, your ticket to good times and livin’
large. Ice-cold beer is everywhere you look and so are many
of your other favorite beverages or drugs. It’s like someone
opened the door to the candy store, but the proprietor is out.

And so, it goes on Independence Day. You just don’t want the
party to end. But when you’re struggling with the stronghold of
addiction the party train is destined to run off the tracks. And
although it may feel good at the time, it leaves its mark on
tomorrow. And all the tomorrows that have followed every
holiday, every special event, every happy hour, every promotion
party, birthday party and celebration you can remember.
Or…can you remember?

That is the question that haunts those dealing with addiction.
In the fog of tomorrow, the memories of yesterday are often
lost forever.

So, Independence Day is over. The revelers have gone home,
gone back to work, gone to look after their families, and deal
with their day-to-day worries and the business of getting on
with life. Isn’t it time you get on with yours?

If you’re suffering from addiction, help is just around the
corner. Why not take the first step on the road to recovery?