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Independence Day Is Over…Or Is It?

Independence Day Is Over… Or Is It?

The bunting and old glory have been put away for another year. The fireworks are but a memory. The marathons have been run. You had your best time ever. The barbeque, hot dogs, potato salad, and deviled eggs were plentiful—maybe a little too plentiful. And the brownies seemed bigger than last year—a lot bigger.

Independence Day. It’s a time to declare your independence. To reflect on the tremendous freedoms, we enjoy. And the meals and conversations that are shared over picnic tables, in backyards, and nearby parks. But it’s tough to share in those special occasions when you’re battling an eating disorder.

Somehow the words independence and freedom are far from your thoughts. Instead, you’re caught in the day-to-day struggle with guilt and conflict. Facing another 4th of July with all the hots dogs, corn on the cob, and apple pie you can eat is not your idea of fun. It’s agony! As a matter of fact, you’re relieved it’s over. Finished. History. A piece of your dreaded past.

But wait!  Stop for a moment. Let’s go back in time. What if? And we know it’s a big what if…but let’s say you find yourself with friends this Independence Day. Guilt and conflict are the furthest things from your mind. For once you’re enjoying yourself. Food is no longer that oppressive foe. That monster that taunts and deceives you. The dark cloud that has kept you from a carefree existence.

The word food has taken on a whole new meaning. Now it’s about enjoyment and finding pleasure in sharing a meal with friends. You’re nourishing your body. Your soul is at ease and at last food is something you look forward to, not something you dread.

Well, what if is not as far away as you think. What if is getting the help you need so Independence Day becomes something you celebrate every day of the year!