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Morning Bell Monday: A Helping Hand

Morning Bell Monday: A Helping Hand

The look on a child’s face on Christmas morning can be priceless. The overwhelming excitement of it all can’t be contained, except for some in the homes were active addiction is present. Understandably, children can get a lot of the focus during the holidays. But, if the children in addictive households are to have a chance, without intervention, maybe some attention should be given to the parents, especially the single parents.

Many times I’ve seen a single mother get up and leave a meeting when their child gets a little bored and disruptive. I know one woman, currently sitting in a Georgia prison, as the result of her addiction, that quit going to meetings because she was scolded by a fellow member for not controlling her child during a meeting. A more understanding approach would be to offer to help with the child in order for the mother to get what she so desperately needs. Many times it can be as easy as downloading an app onto your phone to keep a disruptive child entertained.

I recently watched the video on the link below, and thought to myself, if that child’s going to have a chance we better help that mother. So as the holidays approach, please be aware of any parents that may appreciate a few minutes of assistance. You may be the best thing that happened in a child’s life today.

Check out this video: