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Remembering St. Patrick’s Day

Remembering St. Patrick’s Day

To be honest, I can’t remember too many of my St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They were filled with numerous toasts and memories, and all were lost in the fog of alcohol.

It’s too bad because it’s such a joyous time. People dressed in green, smiling, laughing, singing, and drinking. That’s the part I had trouble with. Didn’t know how to stop. When to say, “Enough’s enough.” I wanted the revelry to last forever…’til I passed out.

The next day, the memories are gone and I have to come up with an ironclad excuse of why I’m late for work. This year, however, I’d like to think I’ve put all that behind me. I’m proud to say I’ve been clean and sober, since March 19th, 2016.

I want to enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day with a clear mind and a happy heart. I want to remember what I’ve forgotten for too many years. So, in honor of this approaching occasion and the Irish in me, I’ve written a little poem. 

I remember a time when I drank to forget.
I’d awake the next day filled with regret.
My self-esteem was nowhere to be found.
And I felt my life had run aground.

My friends they left me one by one,
They said that I had come undone.
They cared, but were too ashamed to stay.
Promising tomorrow was another day.

But that day I knew would never come.
So I’d drown my thoughts ‘til my mind was numb.
Drink upon drink, night after night.
My conscience said, I was losing the fight.

I knew this was a never-ending road.
And yet, without hesitation on it flowed.
It soon became my dearest friend,
A crippling vice that had to end.


And end it did, one day last year.
When everything I’d come to fear,
I could no longer persevere.

It was two days after St. Patrick’s Day.
I decided to put this addiction away.
I wanted to face myself and my life.
Walk away from all the grief and strife.

Walk I did, I’m proud to say.
And tomorrow is another day.
Another day of being clean and sober.
A chance to say, “I’m glad it’s over.”