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Sisterhood From the Trenches

Sisterhood From the Trenches

I love to hear my pastor tell stories from when he was in the Vietnam War. He often talks about his experiences in the trenches aligned with other brave men who fought with everything they had against the known and common enemy. These men were from all walks of life, with many different accents, hair and skin color, political views, religious beliefs, and values. However, they had one major thing in common – they were all fighting against an enemy that could kill them. This brotherhood toward the single goal of survival united them like nothing else could.

This is how I feel about my eating disorder treatment alumni friends. We were in the trenches together fighting for survival from an enemy that could kill us. We encouraged, listened to, cried with, put up with, and sometimes just sat silent with each other. I have a sisterhood with them that no one else can understand. When you have fought in the trenches with someone, you are instantly family. I need my family. Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to who gets it and understands what it’s like to be in the trenches of an eating disorder. We lift each other up. That’s what families do.

I would encourage anyone who has experienced these trenches to stay in touch with the alumni sisterhood. If you’ve found yourself out of the loop, go to an event, make a call, reach out. We all need the family!

. . . A Focus Treatment Center Soldier