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The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

Think back to one of the greatest Christmas mornings you can remember. Was it when you were a kid? You were filled with anticipation. So excited, you hardly slept a wink the night before. You couldn’t wait to open the presents. You thought to yourself, I think I’ll open the biggest one first. No, maybe the one with the biggest bow? Or will that bright, shiny bike I asked for be sitting there, just waiting for me to take it for a spin? Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Now, fast-forward about 25 years. You’re 30 something and Christmas is approaching. The sidewalks are filled with busy Christmas shoppers scurrying from one store to the next. Others carry beautifully wrapped Christmas packages to be placed under the tree or given to a spouse, boyfriend, or favorite relative. There you are in the midst of all this excitement, all this preparation and celebration but don’t feel a part of one of the greatest days of the year. You feel anxious, depressed, it all feels like too much to process, to enjoy, to truly share in the Christmas Spirit.

You want to forget, to distance yourself from this chaos, the Christmas music and carols that confront you at every street corner. The people pushing past you, talking on their cell phones, laughing, caught up in the joy and wonder of the season. You feel so isolated, alone, wanting to separate yourself from this special day and all its traditions, the moments with family, and cherished memories. Your addiction has overcome you. You don’t want to give in but it is so hard to resist, to push your dependence on alcohol or drugs aside and join in the celebration of this incredibly special time.

Stop for a moment. Think back, way back, to the time you were a kid. Put yourself in that place—in that moment. Remember how you felt. Remember what it was like when you ripped the paper off that first package and opened the box and the surprise you found inside. Now with that thought and that feeling, imagine what it would be like if you could give yourself the Greatest Christmas Gift of All—put your addiction behind you and become the person you were meant to be.

Why not give yourself the gift that will change your life and make all of your Christmases the most wonderful time of the year.