Catherine Zook-Bell

Catherine Zook-Bell, PhD

Dr. Catherine Zook-Bell has more than 20 years of experience in the provision of individual, couples, and group psychotherapy.  She approaches each individual she works with as a unique person with unique experiences, strengths, and challenges.  Her focus in therapy is to support clients toward a shared vision of better health and wellness through the development of tools, skills, and insights needed to cope with, contain, and move through presenting concerns.  Her hope for each client is that the time and effort spent in therapy will enhance their quality of life.  Dr. Zook-Bell enjoys working with individuals who present with a range of concerns and struggles, including anxiety and depression, trauma, family and relationship concerns, issues related to gender and sexuality, eating disorders, and personal growth.  Dr. Zook-Bell has lived and worked in the Knoxville community since 2001. 

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