Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Tennessee

Reasons To Opt For Residential Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Tennessee

There are several drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Tennessee. For most patients in desperate need of care, the choice might come down to choosing between outpatient and inpatient treatment.

In reality, it is a difficult choice to make for many patients. Addicts from close-knit loving homes or communities would rather not leave the warmth and love of friends and families.

For some, avoiding inpatient treatment is simply down to misinformation of how these rehabilitation centers operate.

They believe erroneously that their freedom would be curtailed and replaced with a military-style barracks or at worse, a prison structure. The point is that, every single aspect of the patient's life is regimented. This couldn't be much further from the truth.

The best drugs and alcohol rehab centers in Tennessee and elsewhere have just one priority: to make the life of patients as comfortable as possible while being treated.

When it comes down to choosing between residential and outpatient treatment, the best option is an inpatient rehab program. At least, if the patient is intent on kicking the habit for good.

These are some of the reasons residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the better choice.

1) Access to round-the-clock instant care

Patients who opted for inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Tennessee are guaranteed constant care from qualified staff.

This is especially important in cases of serious addiction cases. Almost all patients with serious addiction suffer greatly from withdrawal symptoms; also, the detoxification regime can be painful and in some cases, dangerous to patients. The presence of round-clock care is therefore necessarily to help patients through this difficult phase.

2) A new environment is beneficial to rehabilitation

Some of the triggers that lead to the abuse of drugs are closely related to a patient's normal environment. Taking the patient to a new environment immediately reduces the possibility of encountering these triggers.

Also, a new environment can be psychological beneficial too. Patients are now faced with the fact they have to adjust to a new life in a new place. This mental adjustment can help patients prepare for a new drug-free future without distractions.

3) Creating new bonds

When patients check into residential drug and alcohol rehab programs, they are immediately exposed to a new community with common problems and experiences.

In this new community, new bonds of friendship are created. Relationships are nurtured that are very supportive and understanding. And for most addicts, constant support and understanding are important in the healing process.

Outside a rehabilitation center, too many people are insensitive to the underlying problems drug addicts face each day. This lack of understanding could result in patients using more drugs as a coping mechanism.

4) Commitment

Except in extreme and special cases, patients can drop out rehabilitation anytime they wish. But choosing a residential program imposes a commitment to see the whole process to its conclusion.

Besides, the absence of drugs in residential rehab programs reduces the temptation to stop the program.


Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Tennessee offers several advantages over an outpatient program. For patients intent on recovering fully and eliminating the possibility of relapsing, inpatients rehab remains the best option.

However, before taking that important step, patients must talk to professionals for proper counseling. The information they give is invaluable when picking a rehabilitation center that suits the patient's unique addiction problem.