Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Kentucky

Your Support Complements Program In Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In Kentucky

Parents often believe that the success of their son’s rehab from addiction depends on the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky where he is treated but this is not quite correct. With your full support, your son will come out of any of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky better and healthier.

Have you ever wondered why a person addicted to drugs will come out better and healthier than a person with a lower degree of drug addiction in the same rehab center? Yes it is easy to point out the fact that all addicts don’t respond to the same treatment the same way. But something makes some addicts respond to treatments better than others.

It is nothing but the level of family support they enjoy. You have a duty to provide pre-rehab, in-rehab and post-rehab support. Your son will only succeed if the three stages of support are complete.

Pre-rehab support

Most drug addiction patients do not initially agree that they are suffering from any addiction. So, they will balk at the idea of checking into any of the drug and alcohol treatment centers in Kentucky. Don’t let this work you up. This is where a lot of parents usually lose it. It is normal for him to refuse.

You have only one choice here. You need to keep trying to convince him with love, tolerance and patience. Never force him to check into a rehab. He may end up sabotaging the whole idea thereby wasting your money and your time.

If he willingly accepts to check into a rehab, then his chances of success will be high. Never call him an addict to his face. Don’t isolate him. You will only heighten the suicidal tendencies in him. If the members of his own family, the only people he knows, reject him, it may cause serious demotivation for him and he will require much more psychological and emotional strength to keep living. It is needless to state that your major duty is to keep giving him hope

Remember, he is not the problem but his drug addiction is. You are trying to kick out his addiction and not him. Don’t kick him out in the bid to kick out his addiction. Don’t confront him either. You may trigger the tendencies for violence in him. All it takes is love, tolerance and patience and he will develop the will to fight his addiction himself. He will accept to check into a rehab sooner than you think.

In-rehab support

When he eventually checks into a rehab, it is important that you check on him and speak with him on the phone regularly so that he does not feel abandoned. Your regular visits give him hope and strength to follow the program through.

Let him know how much you miss him and how anxiously you await his rehab success. If the center allows you, you can spend a lot of time with him. And the visit should be done by every member of the family together or separately. That way, you give him more reason to be alive and more reason to fight drug addiction

Post-rehab support

After rehab, you should give him a little welcome party. He is indeed a hero for completing his rehab program. A warm reception will help him strengthen his resolution to fight any possible relapse. It is important that you keep him busy. Don’t give idleness a chance during this period. Idleness may lead him to relapse. So, you must keep him engaged.

Make sure he does not continue to see his old friends as their influence could have led to his drug intake in the first place. Monitor those who see him and those he mingles with. Finally, he should be prevented from going to bars, parties and night clubs as these are the places where he could get tempted to take drugs again.


The precautionary measures will just be for some months when the possibility of relapse is very high. Having gone through the article, you should now understand why your full support is much more important than any rehab program in the successful rehabilitation of your son, daughter, ward, brother, sister or friend.