Expressive and Experiential Therapies

Art Therapy

Through the creation and development of art, our patients find an alternative form of healing and insight. Through symbols, colors, and textures our patients often find that their art projects a deeper knowing that may be difficult for them to project verbally. Art therapy can also asset our patients in adapting better coping mechanisms, improve cognitive functions, and reclaim or find pleasure in art making. Our Art therapist, Jas Milam, MAAT, engages our client in weekly art therapy.

Dance & Movement Therapy (DMT)

DMT was essentially created on the idea that movement and emotion are connected to one another. The ultimate goal of Dance Movement Therapy is to achieve a healthy balance in addition to a sense of completeness. Patients are given the opportunity to use guided movements and dance as a nonverbal and creative outlet for expression of hidden thoughts and feelings. Dance movement therapy is also helpful in guiding sufferers of eating disorders greater body awareness, which can help challenge body image distortions, re-learning natural body cues, and strengthening of self-esteem. Our DMT and Primary Therapist, Lauren Higgins MS, R-DMT, leads our patients through weekly dance and movement therapies and Janka Livoncova and Richard Barrali lead gentle yoga and meditation classes daily.

Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a type of treatment which uses interactions with horses to deal with a variety of mental health needs. Both EAP and EAL involve activities with horses that encourage the use of certain behaviors such as assertiveness, taking leadership or responsibility, creative problem solving, working as a team, nonverbal communication and listening, confidence and corrective attitude, to name a few.