Healthcare Professionals

You can expect the following when entrusting your patient with us:

  • We will provide your patient with release of information forms during the admissions process so we can communicate with you freely.
  • Our community outreach director, Amber Corbi, will within 24 hours of patient admission communicating your patient’s safe arrival
  • Your patient’s primary therapist will contact you within the first 72 hours of his or her admission to collaborate regarding goals and overall care.
  • You can then expect contact from your patient’s primary therapist to provide comprehensive and meaningful follow up. Contact frequency will be guided by your preference.
  •  You will also receive emailed or faxed treatment plans weekly for additional information on patient’s progress towards her goals.
  • As your patient prepares for discharge, you can expect him or her to leave with a solid after care plan returning to your ongoing care. For your convenience, we will also provide you with your patient’s discharge summary within 72 hours of leaving Focus.

When you have a client you think might need our services, you can call our central office at 1-800-675-2041, contact our Director of Business Development Tim Tatum, or call at 423-650-3955, or complete the following form: