Helpful Links

For Those Struggling with Eating Disorders and Their Families

National Eating Disorder Organizations:

Body Image:

  • Girls, Inc – Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, & bold.
  • NORMAL in Schools – Educating about eating disorders, body image, self-esteem and wellness.
  • Operation Beautiful – Transforming the Way You See Yourself One Post-it Note at a Time.
  • Reclaiming Beauty – Dedicated to the dream that all people will recognize their unique beauty and learn to value themselves from this place of deep Self-Knowledge.
  • The Body Image Project – A movement to reframe body image and enable everyone, everywhere, to discover and celebrate the real you.
  • The Real Body Project – Amazing bellies and amazing stories. All real, raw, and unretouched, even more beautiful in their truth.

Eating Disorder Scholarship Funds:

For Those Struggling with Substance Abuse and Their Families