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    Independence Day Is Over…Or Is It?

    The bunting and old glory have been put away for another year. The fireworks are but a memory. The marathons have been run.   Continue Reading

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    A Secret…

    This is a secret. One I have kept from my dad for some time.My mom knows about it but she has promised me that shewouldn’t share it with him. Look, I love my father but I just don’t think he would understand. He wouldn’t see what a struggle it has been for me.   Continue Reading

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    I Dread Mother’s Day…

    Mother’s Day approaches and I dread it!  Don’t get me wrong,my mother is a good person… just a little overbearing.Actually, she’s “big time” overbearing. She knows I have an eating disorder.And this year, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day at her house.At least we’re not going out to her favorite restaurant, whichis some relief.I know what it will be like.   Continue Reading

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    My Unforgettable Spring Break…

    Everyone looks forward to Spring Break, right? The kids areout of school. It’s time for a trip to the beach with the family.The getaway we’ve waited for all winter.   Continue Reading

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    Eating Disorders Don’t Take A Holiday

    There are 12 months, 365 days in a year, 11 official holidays, not to mention all those unofficial celebrations like office parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, weddings and the list goes on and on…and I…have an eating disorder. I don’t want to become a recluse, but anyone with an eating disorder knows how hard it is to manage all the food you find on all the days and celebrations listed above. Frankly, it’s overwhelming. To think, I have almost a whole year before me.  ...  Continue Reading

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    Valentine’s, The Sweetest Day of the Year… Not

    On this Valentine’s Day, I find myself in a love hate relationship. Yes, the simple thing is to simply say goodbye and move on. If only it were that simple.   Continue Reading