Jas Milam

Jas Milam, MAAT, Art Therapist

Jas is a working artist and a professional art therapist. She sees individuals and couples at her WorkSpace studio and offers group therapy for adults at the Center for Mindful Living in Chattanooga Tennessee. Her work with children, teens and adults is informed by years of art making, deep Jungian roots, a masters degree in art and art therapy and 25+ years of personal recovery. Special populations that Jas has worked with include mentally ill adults, alcoholics and drug addicts, men and women with eating disorders, relationship addicts, at-risk youth, developmental disorders and learning disabilities. She also works with individuals in Third Stage recovery who use art and art making in a Daily Practice. Jas believes in the healing inherent in the creative process and makes art that draws on both religious and secular imagery. Currently she is making “Chapels” – large abstract paintings designed to create and hold sacred space. You may see her line of Daily Practice Altar Art at xxx. For more information about Jas and her work visit her website at www.jasmilam.com