Lauren Higgins


Lauren Higgins, M.S., R-DMT, Primary Therapist, Dance Therapist

Lauren Higgins is a dance/movement therapist and a yoga instructor. Lauren recently completed her thesis, two supervised internships totaling over 480 hours, and three years of coursework in graduate studies in dance/movement therapy, psychotherapy, and the creative arts therapies from Pratt Institute (New York). Lauren also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Bard College (New York), a certification as a Constructive Living instructor, certification in prenatal/postnatal yoga, and certification and intensive trainings in multiple forms of world dance as well as yoga specialized to diverse populations. Lauren’s first internship in dance/movement therapy was at Focus Healthcare of Tennessee, where she was honored to be supervised by dance/movement therapy pioneer and eating disorder professional Susan Kleinman (Renfrew Center of Florida). Lauren has worked with trauma survivors for fourteen years in various capacities since her initial crisis intervention training in 2001. Since her 2004 certification, Lauren’s approach has been strongly influenced by mindfulness skills taught through Constructive Living, an educational system which combines two forms of Japanese psychotherapies. Lauren has also facilitated regular therapeutic movement groups at Solace Clinic, Serenity Center, and Signal Centers, Inc.

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