Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Treatment Approaches

Support and education throughout the treatment process is provided by our experienced and caring staff, who believe that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible.

We practice clinical excellence through established and empirically- validated therapeutic models. Our philosophical framework utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support our patients in achieving long-lasting behavior changes based on acceptance and mindfulness practices.

We also engage our patients in intensive shame resiliencyand self-compassion work, trauma therapy grounded in attachment theory and movement therapy, skill building groups based on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and expressive therapies such as art, dance, and equine therapy.

Every patient is valued for her unique journey and individual needs, with whole-person care as the basis of every treatment plan.

"This place truly saved my life!! the staff was so loving and caring and genuinely cared about me and my recovery!! This place will always hold a special place in my heart!"- Hailey

Nutrition Philosophy

Our nutrition program is founded on the belief that food IS medicine. By using evidence- based treatment, our staff supports each patient by using an individualized meal plan to meet the specific needs of the patients. Our program seeks to assist patients in

  • “normalizing” their eating patterns
  • repairing their relationship with food and body
  • learning to trust their body’s internal signals of hunger and satiety

We understand that there are many underlying obstacles and struggles regarding the intake of food and that it’s not about the food. Along with structured meal planning, the patients will participate in scheduled meals and snacks, take part in experientials designed to decrease behaviors and promote a continued recovery process upon discharge. Exposure to certain real world experiences include weekly

  • grocery outings
  • restaurant outings
  • cooking nights
  • mindful eating exercises
  • opportunities providing a choice to either leave food on the plate or continuing eating

Nutrition counseling and nutrition therapy is an integral part of the eating disorder recovery process. Patients attend weekly nutrition education groups and post- meal nutrition process groups. Groups are designed to improve knowledge about the importance of meal planning, incorporation balance and variety into meals, and encouragement to challenge fear foods and dispel specific food myths that are misleading or dangerous.

Treatment Components

Individual Treatment

  • Individual psychotherapy session with Master’s or Ph.D. level primary therapist twice weekly
  • Individualized nutrition counseling with Registered Dietitian weekly and meal planning five times weekly
  • Treatment team meeting to discuss treatment plan progress and individualized needs
  • Weekly Family Therapy in person or conference call
  • Optional treatment of trauma with our EMDR trained psychotherapists
  • Discharge Planning

Group Offerings

  • Therapeutic process groups led daily by Master’s or Ph.D. level therapist
  • DBT and Life Skills Training
  • Self Awareness and Stress Reduction
  • Metaphor Work
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Nutritional Education and Meal Planning
  • Yoga and Gentle Movement Therapy (four times a week)
  • Art and Expressive therapy weekly
  • Gentle eating
  • Cooking Classes with Nutrition Team and Chef weekly
  • Restaurant Outings weekly
  • A variety of therapeutic outings (four to five times weekly)
  • Intensive Relapse Prevention
  • Didactic and Experiential therapies
  • Therapeutic Community Meetings
  • Eating Disorder Anonymous Meetings weekly
  • Educational Family Weekend
  • Sunday Dinner Outing for Family Weekend Participants
  • 12 step meetings (as indicated)

Medical Services

  • Psychiatric assessment and treatment with Psychiatrist (one session per week)
  • Medication Management
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Licensed Nursing staff provide 24 hour care
  • Ongoing Medical Monitoring by Medical Team of Physicians and Nurse Practitioner
  • Medical Monitoring 24 hours a day by licensed nursing staff
  • Assistance with FMLA or other medical leave documentation

Our Residential Treatment Facilities