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    Declare Your Independence

    July 4th… Independence Day!A special day honoring the founding of our country. Kids and adults alike, dressed in red, white and blue. Our flag proudly displayed on front porches across America.   Continue Reading

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    I Never Thought I’d Say, “Happy Father’s Day”

    Honestly, a year ago I wouldn’t know where to begin or why I should say, “Happy Father’s Day” to my dad. There weren’t too many happy days when I was growing up. There were disappointing days, angry days, lonely days, and days I found it very hard to love my dad.Dad was an alcoholic.   Continue Reading

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    If I Were A Flower…

    If I were a flower, I’d want to be the most colorful bloom in the garden. There I’d stand, a presence to be recognized and appreciated. One that drew smiles and laughter from those who saw me as they walked by the picket fence in the front yard.   Continue Reading

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    Remembering St. Patrick’s Day

    To be honest, I can’t remember too many of my St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They were filled with numerous toasts and memories, and all were lost in the fog of alcohol.It’s too bad because it’s such a joyous time.   Continue Reading

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    A New Year's Journey

    One year ago today I embarked on a journey.  At the time, I had a vague idea of the destination but didn’t know if I could reach it.The first step was the most difficult thing I’d faced. It was New Year’s Day and I’d celebrated a lot the night before.It was so cold that day, not just outdoors, but inside my heart.   Continue Reading