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    A Poem: For Someone In Mind

    A beautiful poem written by an alumni:Sometimes life doesn’t go our way But that doesn’t mean that we cannot stayIt’s hard to reach out, to ask for a hand Because from our perspective, nobody really understandsWhat we go through when we’re stuck in the ditch And our meaning to life has become but a glitchWe weren't meant to stay this long When the others have found theirs, we still lack our songThe lies are convincing when they tell us to leave The truth is behind the...  Continue Reading

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    A New Year’s Promise

    I made a New Year’s resolution last night.It came in a fit of guilt and resolve. It felt so good at first. I was taking a positive step in my life.   Continue Reading

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    A New Kind of Resolution

    When I hear people talking about New Year’s resolutions, the resolution that comes up most often is, you guessed it, weight loss. Our society is already inundated with it, but especially around this time of year. We hear TV commercials, friends, family and co-workers talking about it.   Continue Reading

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    10 Tips for not overeating this holiday season.

    The holidays are a notoriously difficult time for food and body image. Today we asked our clinical director, Dr. Gail Gnade, and our dietitian, Addie Bramlett, for their top ten tips for not overeating this holiday season. High expectations and holiday stressors can lead to difficult emotions and self-soothing through food.   Continue Reading

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    My Christmas Wish

    Twas’ two weeks before Christmas and all I could see,Was rib roast, beef wellington, and chocolate brownie trees.The fridge was stocked with goodies, hiding behind the door, The last thing I needed was temptation in store.But Christmas was joyful and full of good cheer,But all I was feeling was anxiety and fear.Christmas cookies on the counter, cheesecake nearby, And honey-glazed ham and hot apple pie.Dish upon dish and calories galore,Please, oh please, tempt me no more.Guilt consumes...  Continue Reading

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    The Greatest Christmas Gift of All

    Think back to one of the greatest Christmas mornings you can remember. Was it when you were a kid? You were filled with anticipation.   Continue Reading

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    A Letter To Those Struggling With Alcohol Addiction and the Holidays

    Dear friends,This is one of the most difficult letters I’ve written. I’ve started it countless times, searched for the perfect opening sentence, only to hit the delete button on my computer and start over again. The holidays are here.   Continue Reading

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    Eating Disorders And the Holidays Don’t Have to Be Torture

    You have an Eating Disorder and then the holidays hit. OMG, that’s the worst. All that food, all that pressure to avoid this and don’t eat too much of that.   Continue Reading

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    I Am Me

    At the beginning of the recovery process, it can be difficult to know where to begin. There seems to be more questions than answers. How did I get to this place in my life?   Continue Reading

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