Focus on Recovery

There is no doubt that recovery is hard work. We get it, and we like to keep things as down to earth and fun as possible within a clinically and medically safe environment.  

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Focus uses experiential therapies (adventure therapy, equestrian, music, art, and movement therapy) along with evidence-based clinical treatment modalities and 24 hour nursing/medical care.  Our comprehensive and holistic approach honors each person's unique life experiences and seeks to softly reconnect every individual mind, body, and soul.

At Focus, we are real people too, and many of us are on our own recovery path. The decision to choose recovery deserves to be celebrated, and while life rarely offers the "perfect" time to start treatment, we believe that every soul deserves to start healing right now, in this present moment.        


Specialized Recovery Programs

Focus specializes in eating disorders, substance abuse, as well as the combination of these factors, often referred to as "dual diagnosis".  Treatment is offered solely for those with eating disorders, solely for those with substance abuse, and for those who struggle with both issues simultaneously.   



How People Feel About Focus

"Focus and all the staff truly changed my life! They helped me get sober and taught me all the tools that will keep me sober as long as I keep applying them to my daily life! I honestly can't express the gratitude I feel to be living the life I have needed and deserved! Thank you!"


"This place truly saved my life!! the staff was so loving and caring and genuinely cared about me and my recovery!! This place will always hold a special place in my heart!"


"This place saved my life! I learned so much about myself while I was there. The staff were truly amazing and genuinely cared about my recovery:) Thank you Focus!"



Accredited By The Joint Commission

Focus Treatment Centers is licensed by the State of Tennessee and accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation's leading healthcare accrediting organization.

Residential Eating Disorders Consortium

Focus Treatment Centers is a proud member of the REDC

The mission of REDC is to collaboratively address issues impacting residential treatment programs in an effort to increase access to residential eating disorder treatment for individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Additional Articles

The articles provided at the link below offer generalized information on treatment centers in the Southeast, as well as various treatable conditions. If you’d like to connect with someone who can answer questions personalized to your individual situation and needs, we invite you to reach out to the Focus family of professionals.