Admissions & Contact

Your call is extremely important to us, and you can expect to speak with a live person when you call us! You may also email our director of Admissions, Preston Goforth. All information is held confidential.

You may also complete the form below to initiate the admissions process. Once completed, you will be contacted by a member of our admissions team within 24 hours.


If you are interested in possible future opportunities with Focus Treatment Centers, please send your CV to Brent Collins.

General FAQ

Do you accept insurance?

Yes we are in network with most major insurance providers including:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Magellan
  • Value Options
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • CompPsych
  • Exclusive Care
  • Multiplan
  • …and many more

What options do you have for financing?

We understand that treatment can often place a financial strain on families; therefore, we would like to remove as many barriers to treatment as possible.  Please inquire with our business office about potential payment plans and financing options. 

What can I bring with me to treatment?

Patients often have many of questions about what is appropriate to bring with them, or what they may need, during their time in treatment. Below is a list of items we recommend that you bring, as well as items that we ask you to leave at home. Please keep in mind this list was comprised with your safety, privacy, and well-being in mind. If you are not sure about an item, you may call the facility at anytime to find out if the item is okay to bring. If you need more items during your stay with us, your loved ones may bring them to you by dropping the items off at the receptions desk at any time.

Please bring a copy of a picture ID and your insurance card


  • Please bring a 30 day supply of any medications that you are currently prescribed by your health care providers. Prescriptions must be in the original pharmacy bottle which shows prescription information. Expired medications or medications that cannot be identified will not be accepted.
  • Do not bring any narcotic medications even if they are prescribed by your physician.
  • Review any over the counter medications that you are taking with Admissions Staff. They can let you know which ones you may bring. We have a supply of commonly needed over the counter medications at the facility. Over the counter medications must be in new unopened bottles. All medications will be given to nursing for evaluation. If the medical team feel these are appropriate, you will be able to continue to take them while in treatment. All medications will be administered by licensed nursing staff.
  • If you plan to bring any vitamins that you are currently taking, they must be in a new, unopened bottle
  • You are responsible for Co-payments for prescription medications


  • Focus provides all linens that you should need during your time in treatment including sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, blankets and hand towels. Due to health code regulations, we do not allow patients to bring linens of any kind with them into facility.

Personal Items

  • Toiletries should be limited to those items that will fit into a gallon size bag. Cosmetics should be limited to those items that will fit into a quart size bag. Any type of mouth wash, hand sanitizer, body spray, perfume, cologne, or toiletry with alcohol listed as one of the first three ingredients, will not be permitted. If you are not sure if a product contains alcohol as a main ingredient, please leave it at home.
  • Suggested items to bring include: Toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, comb, hair brushes, hair dryers, shaving razors, shaving cream, nail clippers, feminine hygiene products, lotion, and nail clippers.
  • You may bring items to make your room feel more like home, such as special photographs or pictures to hang on your bulletin board. Glass must be removed from picture frames before arrival.

Smoking Materials

  • If you use tobacco products, you may either smoke or smokeless tobacco (dip) but not both. You will need to choose upon admission. The only type of e-cigarette you will be able to use will be the commercially prepared type with disposable filters/cartridges in sealed packages. You are not allowed to bring liquid. Use of all tobacco/nicotine products may only be used in designated areas at scheduled times.  Please bring enough to last you for the entire stay of 28 days residential treatment.  Smokeless Tobacco (dip) must be in pouches.  


  • If you bring electronic items, such as MP3 players, CDs or CD players, you will have very restricted use and you are solely responsible for them. No device will be allowed that has a camera.


  • Due to storage space limitation, we asked that everything that you bring fit into no more than one suitcase.  When packing, please keep in mind you will be participating in a variety of activities during treatment.  Modest, comfortable clothes are best.  There are washers and dryers available along with all necessary laundry supplies such as detergent and fabric softeners. If you need special detergent for sensitive skin, please bring it with you.  Please only bring plastic hangers.   In all seasons, “layering” is key.  During summer months, patients may elect to wear shorts, jeans or lightweight pants. If you join us in winter months, you will want to bring warmer clothes: pants, long-sleeved shirts and jackets preferably without pockets.  Bring all the essential undergarments, as well as your sleepwear, slippers, and a robe.  You will need a set of loose fitting gym clothes and tennis shoes for fitness activities.   A modest swim suit would also be appropriate to bring.   No clothing with designs or wording that promotes alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity, or can be considered offensive or obscene is allowed.  Please be aware that items will be removed from your luggage and will be inspected carefully.  Staff will have the final determination as to whether clothing is appropriate.


  • You will need very little money while here at Focus.  We do not recommend that you have more than twenty dollars cash with you while in treatment at any time.  If you need extra cash to replace toiletries or buy cigarettes while in the facility, your family is welcome to drop off cash at any time.  You may also visit the business office, during posted patient business hours, to request a credit card transaction, or a family member can call the business office for a telephonic credit card transaction.  There will be a $3.00 service fee for this transaction.  You will only be allowed to obtain $20.00 per transaction, with no more than two transactions per week.  If you need more money than the allotted $20.00, a member of the staff will have to accompany you to the business office to request and approve the amount.  If you need to obtain money for a medication co-pay, please have a nursing staff member inform the business office of the co-pay amount needed.  The service fee will not be charged for medication co-pays.


  • Due to the structure of the day and to reduce loss, we recommend you bring only the jewelry you wear constantly.


  • Three nutritious meals are provided each day, as are snacks and beverages. Please do not bring additional food or drinks including gum and candy.

Phones/Internet-Capable Devices

  • We highly recommend that you do not bring your mobile phones with you to treatment as you will not have access to it at any point during your inpatient stay. If you are traveling to and from our facility and will need access to your phone during this time, upon admission your phone will be stored. We encourage you to transcribe the numbers from your phone prior to coming to treatment as you will not be able to access it while you are here.
  • Laptops and other internet-capable devices are not allowed
  • Any devices that have a camera or recording ability on them are not permitted.

What am I not allowed to bring?

When packing please keep in mind your room may be inspected at any time and subject to random searches. Discovery of contraband of any sort may result in discharge. If you have any questions about a particular item, please feel free to give us a call. Anything that you bring that you are not allowed to have will be stored or sent back with your family member.

Do not bring:

•Cell phones
•Computers or any other internet-capable devices
•Clothing with designs or wording that promotes alcohol, drugs, violence, profanity, or can be considered offensive or obscene
•Open over the counter medications, supplements, or vitamins
•Food, drinks, candy, or gum
•Pillows, blankets, or linens of any type
•Any “sharp” or dangerous object i.e. razor blades, glass pictures frames, vases, used syringes, wire hangers, spiral notebooks.
•E-cigarettes that do not have the commercially prepared type of disposable filters/cartridges in sealed packages- No liquids are allowed
•Glue, white out or permanent markers/sharpies
•Cleaning products
•Hand sanitizer
•Weapons of any kind, including a pocket knife
•Excessive amounts of cash (more than $20.00)
•Any type of pornography
•Any product with alcohol listed as one of the first five ingredients.  Allowable forms are cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol and denatured alcohol which cannot be consumed and typically are found in conditioner, deodorants, and lotions
•Aerosol cans
•Colognes, perfumes, or body sprays
•Fingernail polish or remover
•Irons, fans or heaters
•Illegal drug or substances of abuse or drug using paraphernalia
•Purses are not allowed- you may have your wallet or a small clutch
•No stuffed animals 

*This list is not all inclusive. Other items may be deemed contraband at the time of presentation, and either sent home, or not given to the patient during treatment.

You are responsible for all of your own belongings. Focus will not assume financial responsibility or responsibility for any items that are stolen, broken or lost during your stay.  You are encouraged to leave valuable items at home.

What areas do you serve?

We serve the needs of patients throughout the Southeast, including the surrounding Atlanta, Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga areas.