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Bulimia nervosa treatment involves psychological counseling and quite often medicines including antidepressants. Treatment doesn't usually require staying in the hospital, though this is, at times necessary. Both professional counseling and antidepressant medication are able to help bring down episodes of binging and purging and can enable you to recuperate from bulimia. Both are extended remedies which might require weeks or months before you see results that are significant. You might need treatment with counseling and perhaps medicine for over a year. Initial treatment depends on how severe the bulimia is, and how long you have suffered with it. Focus Treatment Centers provides effective and powerful bulimia nervosa treatment in Tennessee.

Focus Treatment Centers is a top rated treatment center that provides bulimia nervosa treatment in Tennessee, and beyond. We have a full staff of highly qualified medical professionals that actually specialize in the treatment of all types of eating disorders. Struggling with this type of disorder can feel as if you’re alone, as this may be one of the most misunderstood mental diseases. Individuals who suffer from this disorder are usually scared and frightened, because for most people, it’s a disease that is kept as a secret. This may be due to the fact that others might not see it as if you are ill, but more likely that you are weak and have no self control, which couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Bulimia that occurs with another problem might take more time to deal with, and you might need more than one treatment type. In case you have another condition that generally occurs with bulimia, such as depression or substance abuse, your doctor might choose to cure that problem initially. Individuals who seek treatment for bulimia or another eating disorder might have other health issues triggered by the disorder. If you have had bulimia for a quite a while with no treatment, or if you have used laxatives, diuretics, and ipecac syrup to purge, then you might have a health condition like dehydration that requires therapy first.

When you suffer with bulimia, you judge yourself harshly on your weight and body shape. To be able to help handle these feelings, you stick to a rigid diet plan to attempt to lose body weight. But over time, the hunger from your diet triggers you to binge eat. Binge eating might additionally be brought on by a stressful event, when food offers a feeling of comfort. To feel guilty, as well as embarrassed by binge eating is able to make you purge to stay away from weight gain. This starts the cycle of binging and purging that becomes a dangerous habit.

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