Drug Rehabilitation Programs Tennessee

Factors That Determine The Choice Of Drug Rehabilitation Programs In Tennessee

Although there are numerous drug rehabilitation programs in Tennessee, you can’t just select one at random for your loved one. Before making your choice from the numerous drug rehabilitation programs in Tennessee, you must consider certain factors that will play prominent roles in the success of the rehab of your loved one.

It begins from the proximity of the center. It is highly advisable to select one of the drug rehabilitation programs in Tennessee that is very close to you so that it will be easy and cheap for you to check on your loved one regularly while in the center. It is unfortunate that a lot of families ignore this responsibility and they blame the participant for not completing his program.

Believe it or not, over 90 percent of failed or incomplete rehab programs are the ones involving participants that were not visited by family members in their rehab center. Apart from proximity, some other factors to consider before choosing a rehab center have been outlined right below.

Success rate should be considered

The first and probably the most important question to ask at the center is their success rate. This issue is fraught with a lot of ambiguities, so you will be as clear as possible. You may need to specify that you don’t need a general success rate but the success rate on the kind of addiction that your loved one is suffering from. For instance, if your loved one is addicted to heroin, you should ask for success rate of heroin addiction.

You also need to make it clear that what you mean by success is full recovery from addiction without relapse and not a mere successful completion of rehab programs. This will put you and the center on the same page. If you are comfortable with the success rate, you can check him in and if not, you can go elsewhere. However, you should bear it in mind that your pre-rehab, in-rehab and post-rehab support contribute tremendously to the success of your son’s rehab.

Comfort of the facility

A rehab center is for treatment and not a correctional institution, so your son should be very comfortable. In your own assessment, do you think the center will provide enough comfort for drug addiction patients? If you are not satisfied, you can opt for another facility.

Staff to patient ratio

You may also find out how many staff they have. You need to compare the figure to the number of patients since this will give you an idea of how much attention your son will enjoy. Also remember that, the staff will be divided into several shifts.

Is 24-hour monitoring available?

Drug addiction patients often struggle with anxiety, depression and a terrible mood swing. They can take a terrible decision in their hysterical moment and act on it immediately without thinking it through. So they have to be monitored constantly especially in the night.

You can even ask if there are structures or facilities in place to make murder and suicide impossible in the center.

In conclusion, you may have to prioritize some of these factors because the chances of finding one single center that meets all the requirements are very slim. For example, what will happen if the nearest center to you does not offer a satisfactory staff-to-patient ratio?