Our Detoxification Process

When you enter treatment to quit an addiction to prescription pain medication, heroin, or other drugs and alcohol, we understand that this decision can be overwhelming for you and your support system. We know that one of the biggest obstacles to beginning treatment is fear of the withdrawal symptoms that can occur during the detoxification process, but here at Focus Treatment Center those fears can be put to rest. We provide a supportive, medically based program to assist you in clearing substances out of your body in a safe, efficient manner. Your medically monitored detoxification program will be directed by a physician and you will be provided nursing care 24 hours a day. The program is based on the type, amount, and length of time that the individual has abused the substance. Based on these factors, detoxification may be necessary and if so, an individual medical protocol will be established specifically for you. You may be prescribed medication to help with any withdrawal symptoms you may have. Our goal is not only for your detoxification to be successful and safe, but also that it is as comfortable as possible.

During this crucial phase of treatment, we will monitor you closely. This detoxification process will allow your neurological system to re-adjust and return to more normal functioning. As you break the habits of abusing substances, you will begin to restore your health. Our physicians and nurses will work hard to manage and ease any withdrawal symptoms as well as any other co-occurring medical problems that you may have. We are aware of the volume of physical complaints often verbalized by the patients in detoxification but also recognize the importance of the therapeutic interaction in helping patients understand distorted thinking. We will provide you with therapies to ease the effects of the withdrawal processes and help redirect thoughts away from somatic complaints with supportive and sympathetic feedback. Our whole person care modalities will help ease physical problems, calm the mind and allay anxiety to allow healing to begin.

Although detoxification is usually a short process lasting from 4-10 days, it lays the foundation for your recovery program. Detoxification alone, is not an answer to your addiction problems, but it is an essential first step. Addictions do not develop overnight. The person with an addiction develops unhealthy patterns of behavior that must be broken and the underlying causes of the behavior must be addressed.

With years of experience providing successful addiction treatment services, Focus Treatment Center understands the challenges faced by those struggling with addiction in their journey to become sober and stay sober. Patients will not only learn how to abstain from mood-altering substances, but learn to do so in a safe, welcoming, respectful and empowering environment.

Treatment Components

Individual Treatment

  • Individual psychotherapy session with Master’s or Ph.D. level primary therapist
  • Treatment team meeting to discuss treatment plan and individualized needs once a week
  • Family Therapy in person or via Skype or conference call
  • Discharge Planning

Group Offerings

  • Therapeutic process groups led daily by Master’s or Ph.D. level therapist
  • Daily 12 step meetings
  • DBT and Life Skills Training
  • Self Awareness and Stress Reduction
  • Nutritional Education
  • Yoga and Gentle Movement Therapy
  • Art and Expressive therapy
  • Weekly Therapeutic Outings
  • Intensive Relapse Prevention
  • Didactic and Experiential
  • Therapeutic Community Meetings
  • YMCA outings three times a week
  • Educational Family Weekend

Medical Services

  • Detoxification
  • Psychiatric Services/Medication Management
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Medical Monitoring 24 hours a day by licensed nursing staff
  • Assistance with FMLA and other medical leave documentation