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Jennifer Massengale, RN

Director Of Nursing

Jennifer Massengale serves as the Assistant Director of Nursing at Focus Healthcare of Tennessee. Jennifer began her 7 year career at Focus as an LPN working on Chemical Dependency Unit where she provided care and education to all of our patients. During this time, Jennifer sought her RN licensure. Upon successful completion of her courses and board testing, Jennifer assumed the role as Staffing Coordinator and Assistant to the Nurse Executive, a position she held for five years. She is a certified Red Cross CPR Instructor. In August 2013, Jennifer was promoted to Assistant Director of Nursing. Jennifer’s unique nursing exposure has made her an expert on all that is Focus! With a calm approach and unwavering compassion, she oversees the individual medical needs of each patient. She works closely and efficiently with all medical team members to ensure the highest quality of care. She loves the challenges that her work brings and outside of work, she enjoys time with her husband and two children.