Types of Treatment for Eating Disorders Tennessee

Although an eating disorder is actually a mental illness, it usually has significant impacts on the actual physical health of the patient. There are many types of physical complications which can end up from an eating disorder. Left unattended, these may result in major health issues or can possibly be fatal. It is vital that physical health is monitored, ideally by a medical practitioner with experience in the area of eating disorders. For kids and adolescents with eating disorders, a pediatrician is generally active in their medical care. For over the last several years, the experts at Focus Treatment Centers have provided several types of treatment for eating disorders in Tennessee, which have been shown to be effective and long term.

At Focus Treatment Centers, we provide comprehensive and beneficial types of treatment for eating disorders in Tennessee, and beyond, which have been proven to assist in the full recovery of our valued patients. Discovering the reasons for an eating disorder requires a deep look into the mind and the psyche of the individual, and is one of the key components in finding the proper treatment that is unique to each person. Patients are also tutored by our experienced dietitians who will assist them in learning about proper nutrition, and they will also learn how to prepare healthy meals that are also delicious. 

The foundation of mental treatment is actually in developing a trusting relationship with the therapist and addressing relevant issues to the individual, such as their thoughts, feelings and behaviors which led to the growth and maintenance of the eating disorder. This might include problems with anxiety, depression, bad self worth and self esteem, along with problems regarding interpersonal relationships. The therapy is eventually aimed to empower the individual to recognize their own assets to get over their difficulties that they are dealing with. Psychotherapy reaches to identify the psychological stresses that may have contributed to the onset of the eating disorder.

Cognitive behavioral therapy has developed into a popular type of therapy for individuals experiencing eating disorders. According to the premise that thoughts and feelings are actually inter dependent, CBT motivates individuals to re examine and challenge existing behavior and thought patterns. Challenging distorted or perhaps unhelpful ways of thinking, is able to allow healthier behaviors to come through. In relation to eating disorders, CBT is designed to alter the manner the individual feels about food and themselves. It is designed to determine the distinctive thoughts that reinforce disordered eating behavior and promote better ways of thinking. Counseling, and professional advise also play a significant role in the treatment of all types of eating disorders.

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