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    Quick Tips: Self Care For Busy People

    When the phrase “self care” began to permeate mainstream media, I was one of those who acknowledged but dismissed the words. It’s a nice idea, I thought to myself, but who has the time?I think a common misconception around the idea of self care is that it is a daunting, time-consuming practice that requires hours upon hours – and, if you’re like me, those hours are likely already dedicated to someone or something else.Self care is commonly thought of as pampering, as something akin to a day at t...  Continue Reading

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    Morning Bell Monday: A Helping Hand

    The look on a child’s face on Christmas morning can be priceless. The overwhelming excitement of it all can’t be contained, except for some in the homes were active addiction is present. Understandably, children can get a lot of the focus during the holidays.   Continue Reading

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    Change Your Scenery, Change Yourself?

    I live away from where I’m originally from, and it’s been a couple of months since I’ve set foot in my hometown. And tomorrow, I will be doing just that. I will be home.Most of us seem to have a complicated relationship with our hometowns; I know I do.   Continue Reading

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    Getting Comfortable With the Uncomfortable

    I honestly think one of the most annoying, clichéd quotes out there is anything having to do with “getting outside your comfort zone.” Why? Well, partly because doesn’t everyone already know the importance of pushing themselves and trying something new? But mainly because it’s typically uttered by someone who is trying to convince you to do something you don’t want to do.Nonetheless, an unavoidable fact of life is that along the way, due to myriad reasons and wants and goals and ideas, we are so...  Continue Reading

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    Tips to Tame Your Temper

    Of all the emotions that make up the human condition, I think that anger is definitely one of the most difficult to control. And, as life would have it, it is probably also one of the most important emotions to control. It can come out of nowhere, and is oftentimes provoked by circumstances beyond our reach – and we all absorb and release the emotion in different ways.Whether your temper is quick and explosive or a slow boil that tends to linger, here are some tips for taming that most ferocious...  Continue Reading

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    How to Keep Going When You’re Feeling Under the Weather

    This has been an especially busy summer for me. I’ve been traveling a lot, sleeping a little, and working more than usual – and, as evident by the fog in my head and the DayQuil by my side, the effects of this fast pace are finally catching up with me.But regardless of my body’s primal, incessant desire to just go back to bed, I have things to do. I have obligations.   Continue Reading

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